Saturday February 25, 19:30 H.Madrid, Auditorio Nacional, Sala Sinfónica.

50¬ļ Ciclo de Grandes Autores e Int√©rpretes de la M√ļsica



Sound Encounters with Graeco-latin antiquity

Camerata Antonio Soler / John Kenny / Letty Stott

About the project

Camerata Antonio Soler presents a unique project along with John Kenny and Letty Stott, consisting of the superb combination of a modern orchestra with 2000 year old instruments from the Celts and Romans.

John Kenny and Letty Stott, great experts in celtic carnyx and roman cornu, respectively, accompanied by a string orchestra (18 plus percussion and harp) will play a series of works written by well-known composers on purpose for this event, to create a sort of Graeco-latin Ancient Sounds Encounters. Thus, over 2000 years of major European cultures history will merge in one single act.

New compositions will combine with others from our standard repertoire, with nuances and inspirations from the afore said Celt and Roman cultures. The special circumstance occurs that most of the pieces were composed during lockdown period (March-June, 2020).

The new compositions will be combined with others from the standard repertoire with some kind of connotation or inspiration related to the Celtic, Greek and Roman worlds. There is also the special circumstance that most of the works were composed during the lockdown period (March-June 2020). As a special novelty, a piece for carnyx and cornu will be released by Lior Rosner, award-winning composer of well-known soundtracks such as X-men Apocalypse and Game of Thrones.

Ultimately, an original and attractive project that will allow us to wander among suggesting sound encounters from present and past, ancient and modern cultural identities merged in one act. A travel in time which surprisingly will erase time barriers by means of the music.